Sean Hannity Slams CNN Over ‘Staged’ News Allegations: ‘Massive Credibility Crisis’


Sean Hannity used his Monday show to rip into CNN and declare that the network’s “downright nasty” coverage of President Trump is creating a “massive credibility crisis” for them.

Hannity began by looking at how Reza Aslan called Trump a “piece of sh*t” this weekend before the Believer host apologized for losing his cool. Hannity spoke with Michelle Malkin about other recent CNN controversies, particularly the allegations that the network staged footage in Great Britain in order to make Muslims look sympathetic for a report on the aftermath of the London terror attack this weekend.

“It’s almost like quiet on the set. quiet on the set. Ready? Fake news. three, two, one… action,” Hannity said, imitating a movie director. “You can see it all. It’s hilarious if it weren’t so sick.”

Malkin opined that this shows that the mainstream media is determined to push an agenda preferred by “liberal elites and particularly jihadist apologists.” Hannity went on to revisit Kathy Griffin‘s controversial photoshoot, and as he put up a censored graphic of the bloody image (unlike last time), he said it shouldn’t be censored because it exposes how “unhinged” people are about Trump.

CNN has already issued a response to those allegations of staging footage:

Watch above, via Fox.

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