Sean Hannity Compares Russia Investigation to ‘Birther Conspiracy’

Sean Hannity compared the investigation into ties between President Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia to birtherism — the debunked conspiracy theory that Barack Obama was not born in the United States — on his Monday night broadcast.

Hannity had on Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow, who has been making the cable news rounds this week in an attempt to explain away the president’s tweet that he is “being investigated” for obstruction of justice.

“Democrats, members of the destroy-Trump media will not stop pushing this phony Russia-Trump collusion narrative despite no evidence,” Hannity said at the start of his segment.

The Fox News anchor then turned to Sekulow: “This has now become, like, Russia-Trump conspiracy, birther conspiracies, you know? Sort of truthers.”

As many on Twitter pointed out overnight, there’s a dash of irony to Hannity deriding the Russia probe as akin to birtherism: the commander in chief of the conspiracy theory about then-president Obama was none other than Trump himself — with a little help from Hannity:

Hannity and Sekulow went on to exchange kind words about the president, with Trump’s lawyer calling the investigation a “witch hunt,” and the Fox News anchor referring to collusion charges as “debunked.”

This comes as special counsel Robert Mueller, who is leading the investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia (and now, reportedly, potential obstruction of justice by the president), is set to meet with leaders of the Senate Judiciary Committee this week.

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