Pompeo Rips Obama’s ‘Failed’ Mideast Policies: ‘Age of Self-Inflicted American Shame Is Over’


On Thursday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo gave a speech in Egypt in which he trashed former president Barack Obama for his approach to the political challenges of the Middle East.

It was just about 10 years ago when Obama gave his “new beginning” speech in Cairo, promising a new relationship between America and the Muslim world. Today, as Pompeo spoke at the American University of Cairo, he took explicit shots at Obama when he talked of “willful blindness” and misjudgments of the country’s former leaders.

“And at this critical moment America, your long-time friend was absent too much. Why? Because our leaders gravely misread our history and your historical moment. These fundamental misunderstandings set forth in this city in 2009 adversely affected the lives of hundreds of millions of people in Egypt and all across the region. Remember, it was here, here in this city that another American stood before you. He told you that radical Islamist terrorism does not stem from an ideology. He told you that 9/11 led my country to abandon its ideals, particularly in the Middle East. He told you that the Inited States and the Muslim world needed ‘A New Beginning.’ The results of these misjudgments have been dire.”

Pompeo went on with his speech by ascribing Middle Eastern chaos, violence and oppression to the Obama Administration’s timidity and inaction. Pompeo blamed the former president for ISIS’s rampage, the “failed nuclear deal” with Iran, the civil war in Syria, and a host of other international conundrums before showering President Donald Trump with praise over his approach to the region.

“The good news is this: the age of self-inflicted American shame is over. And so are the policies that produce so much needless suffering,” Pompeo said. “Now comes the real new beginning.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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