WATCH: Senate Candidate Jaime Harrison Chokes Up Recalling His Grandfather And Voting With His Sons


Democratic Senate candidate in South Carolina Jaime Harrison got remarkably emotional while recalling his grandfather’s memories while voting with his sons during an election day appearance on Morning Joe.

In the segment above, co-host Mika Brzezinski expresses curiosity about her guest’s “background, and your family” applies to this moment today, “because, as you even mentioned, your candidacy is somewhat improbable in the eyes of many, and here you are. Yet, here you are.”

“What was the confidence? What was it that made you believe you could do this?” Brzezinski asked.

“Well, it was, you know, my mom, who was a teen mom, and it was my grandparents,” Harrison replied, explaining his modest roots. “You know, my grandparents had a fourth grade and an eighth-grade education,” he continued.  “My grandfather could not always vote here in South Carolina. And I named my eldest son after him.” He then told the story of what he described as “one of the most emotional things” he experienced in this campaign.

Harrison explained how one of the last things he did with my grandfather in 2004 was to vote shortly before his grandfather passed. “One of the things that I was able to do, just about a week or so ago, was to go vote. I went with my two boys,” he added, “And my eldest son is named right after my grandfather, and so to go and vote with him and mark the ballot, um, that meant a whole lot.”

Harrison’s emotions got the best of him in this moving moment. “That meant a whole lot, and it shows the progress that we have made in this country and that we continue to make.”

Watch above via MSNBC.

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