Seth Meyers Compares Trump Redesigning Air Force One Colors to Giving a Child Busywork Puzzles


On his “A Closer Look” segment, Late Night host Seth Meyers mocked President Donald Trump’s evident pride in personally redesigning the paint scheme for the new Air Force One jets, which aren’t due to arrive until 2024.

“You’d be forgiven for thinking Donald Trump doesn’t actually do that much work as president, but you’d be wrong,” Meyers said, before switching to a parody of a proud-parent voice: “He’s actually got a very important job.”

Rolling footage of Wednesday’s ABC News interview — the same one in which Trump breezily welcomed foreign election meddling and dismissed his own FBI director as “wrong” — Meyers zeroed in on the part where Trump showed off a poster with several different livery choices that he contemplated for the presidential jet, all of which appeared to be almost exactly alike.

“All right, I think I know what happened here. Trump’s staff just gave him a menu with a bunch of airplanes on it to keep him busy while they run the government,” Meyers cracked. “You know, like how you give a child at a restaurant a placemat with a maze on it.

“You know, if you zoom in on that image Trump is holding, at the top, it says, “Spot the difference.”

“This right here,” Meyers said summing up Trump’s fascination with such a trivial detail, “this right here is the only part of the job Trump loves. Feeling important, basking in the trappings of the office.”

Watch the video above, via NBC.

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