Shepard Smith Hammers Sarah Sanders, White House Over Conflicting Don Jr. Stories: ‘Somebody Is Lying’


Fox News’ Shepard Smith is far from impressed with Sarah Huckabee Sanders after she dodged questions over the new developments surrounding Donald Trump Jr‘s infamous Russian lawyer meeting at Trump Tower

Smith began his show today, right after Huckabee Sanders’ briefing, by going over the acknowledgement from Trump’s lawyers that the president dictated the first, misleading statement about his son’s meeting with a Kremlin lawyer. The news contradicts Sanders and other Trump allies who previously insisted that POTUS never had a role in the effort to cover up why the meeting happened: to obtain information that would’ve hopefully kneecapped Hillary Clinton‘s campaign.

Smith summarized this by saying the first statement was “lacking in facts,” but now, Sanders and Trump attorney Jay Sekulow are trying to push two narratives with major factual diversions. As he brought in John Roberts to talk about this, Smith conceded he “not really sure what to do with this” because “it’s one of those days where somebody is lying. We’re just not entirely sure who it is.”

As Smith and Roberts discussed Sekulow’s changing tactics and statements, the Fox News White House correspondent said there were “legitimate questions” to be asked even if Sanders and other WH officials to spin away from them. Wall Street Journal‘s Peter Nicholas was also part of the conversation, and Smith took note of his point about the White House’s “credibility crisis.”

“If one person says one thing and another person says another thing on the exact same matter that are opposites, somebody not telling the truth,” Smith said. “These inconsistencies seem to be the most consistent things we live with now.”

The conversation continued to gravitate around the question of whether the White House can be trusted to answer questions honestly and accurately when they put out falsehoods about matters like this.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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