Sinclair Makes 200 Local News Stations Run Segment Supporting Use of Tear Gas on Migrants


As the media outrage toward the Trump administration’s harsh border policies escalated this week, Sinclair Broadcast Group required their roughly 200 local news outlets to air a defense of the Border Patrol’s use of tear gas against migrants crossing the border on Sunday.

“The migrant crisis on our southern border has greatly escalated,” former Trump administration assistant and Sinclair political analyst Boris Epshteyn says as viewers are presented with clips of the border crisis. “Dozens of migrants attacked U.S. border enforcement by throwing rocks and bottles. Ultimately, American authorities had to use tear gas to stop the attacks.”

The right-wing pundit then condemned “the left” and Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) for questioning “our president and his team standing up for our men and women in uniform and for our national security.”

Epshteyn continued the rant by describing the migrants as an invading force:

“The fact of the matter is that this is an attempted invasion of our country. Period. Our border must remain intact and secure. It is not a partisan position to believe that our immigration system is broken and needs to be fixed. However, it unfortunately appears that there are many on the left who believe it is wrong to defend our country and abide by the rule of law. I would bet that many of those same people live behind walls and locked doors but do not want to afford the same benefit to our country as a whole.”

Epshteyn also claimed that allowing these migrants into America, even though many are seeking asylum through legal means, is “ludicrous and dangerous.”

“The United States of America should not and cannot be intimidated by those willing to use force to get into our country illegally,” he added.

Watch above, via Sinclair.

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