Stephen Colbert to Billy Bush: How Do You Feel About NBC Firing You In Light of Matt Lauer?

On Monday night, Billy Bush appeared on The Late Show and spoke at length about his life was changed by the infamous Access Hollywood tape.

In the wake of numerous sexual harassment scandals, Stephen Colbert confronted Bush about his firing and invoked the recent firing of Today Show anchor Matt Lauer.

“How do you feel about NBC firing you?” Colbert asked. “In light of Matt Lauer being fired for allegations of sexual impropriety?”

Bush recalled it being a “difficult time” and that it was “emotionally hot” in the midst of the 2016 election.

“My boss, later- months later, said “Publicly, I think we may have moved a little quickly,” Bush responded.

“Did they move on you like a b*tch?” Colbert quipped.

Colbert then pressed Bush, who at the time recently started a gig on The Today Show, on whether Lauer had any involvement or tried to prevent his firing,

“Matt Lauer controlled that show. He could’ve protected anybody and he did famously protected people from being fired from that show,” Colbert told Bush. “Do you wish he would have protected you?”

Bush told Colbert that he and Lauer “had a conversation” after the Access Hollywood tape was leaked and Lauer told him that he spoke privately to the bosses to try and save his job, which he thanked him at the time for doing.

“So you believe he did what he did,” Colbert followed up.

“Yeah,” Bush answered.

Bush added that he wished he had a chance to address his audience about it before he was fired.

Watch the clip above, via CBS.


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