Stephen Miller: ‘The Extreme Media Is Going To Do Whatever They Can To Tear Down’ Trump


Last week, White House advisor Stephen Miller drew plaudits from the conservative media and President Donald Trump for engaging in a heated exchange with CNN’s Jim Acosta on the issue of immigration. Miller accused Acosta of “cosmopolitan bias” over his comments about which immigrants would be likelier to speak English, and the two also tangled over the details of the RAISE Act and the poem on the Statue of Liberty.

This evening, Miller showed up on Fox News for an interview with Laura Ingraham, who was filling in for Tucker Carlson.

In response to Ingraham’s question on whether or not he’d be making more appearances in the White House briefing room — Miller is reportedly up for a communications role — Miller said he didn’t know and that right now he’s just trying to get more support for the immigration bill.

Miller then went after the media in general after Ingraham brought up the poor numbers Trump was showing in CNN’s latest poll, insinuating they were wrong because they also had Hillary Clinton winning the election.

“The president got it wrong, and he’s been right, they have been wrong, but there is no doubt, there are segments of the extreme media, and I wouldn’t call it mainstream, it is extreme to want to have unlimited cheap migration. These are extreme positions. The extreme media is going to do whatever they can to tear down this president, but as long as the people stand for what they want and what they believe, we are going to keep winning.”

He wasn’t done heaping praise on the president. Following Ingraham’s claims that Trump was making inroads with minorities, Miller explained it was because “President Trump is the most gifted politician of our time.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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