Steve Doocy Pushes Back on Guest’s Claim Left is Planting Bombs: ‘It Is Too Early’


On Thursday, Steve Doocy pushed back on guest who baselessly suggested that the recent bomb threats across the country are all part of a left-wing operation to shake things up ahead of the midterm elections.

Fox & Friends spoke to former NYPD detective Vince Guastamacchia for his take on the threats that have been made over the last few days to top Democrats, the media, and public figures critical of President Trump. When the curvy couch asked Guastamacchia about the bomb squad’s removal of a suspicious package that was sent to Robert De Niro, he said that “the fact that these bombs have not gone off is a great indication that I feel these are false flag bombings.”

When asked to explain himself, Guastamacchia went right on ahead and went full-conspiracy theorist.

“What I think is this bomber should be fired. He sent five or six packages already, none of them have gone off. I’d really like to have more information on the types of devices. I’d like to have more information on the set-up. Were they set to detonate? I really think that the left feels they’re losing on many levels, and I feel they’re planting these devices just to play the role of the victim.”

“Well, Vince, it is too early,” Doocy responded to the evidence-free claim. “There is no suggestion by law enforcement that they have any idea who was behind this series of packages that have been sent. I have heard those kind of conspiracy theories but, I think at this point, less than 24 hours after the first one, it’s too early to go that direction.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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