Steve Forbes Praises Trump’s Control of ‘Women Cheering’ Him During SOTU: ‘Almost Like a Cult Leader’


Steve Forbes is not just a failed presidential candidate and flat-tax proponent, but the media titan is also an occasional contributor to Fox Business Network’s Mornings with Maria. He is also apparently an enormous fan of the job that President Donald Trump did in delivering the State of the Union speech Tuesday night, though he expressed his praise in a curious manner.

After playing a clip of Congressional women dressed in “suffragette white” who applauded Trump’s recognition of more women in Congress than ever before — and breaking out into chants of USA! — host Maria Bartiromo introduced her panel guests and arrived at Forbes. “That was your favorite moment, wasn’t it about the women in Congress?” she asked.

“These are people who think Donald Trump is the devil,” Forbes explained, adding “so he first got them to stand up that 58% of new jobs were women and initially they didn’t know how to react, they had to stand up in chief and master of ceremony, stay up, I’ve got more good news for you, more members of Congress female members of Congress than ever before.”

It’s not clear that Trump was quite the puppeteer that Forbes described, as he seemed somewhat surprised by the reaction, but Forbes seemed to see it differently.

“Almost like nanosecond almost like a cult leader and his followers the way — the way they cheered him, the way he was in control, delicious moment, these women cheering Donald Trump. I loved it.”

There it is.

Watch above via FBN.

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