Suspected Mail Bomber Cesar Sayoc Spotted at 2017 Trump Rally Holding CNN Sucks Sign


CNN has uncovered footage of suspected mail bomber Cesar Sayoc decked out in a sleeveless t-shirt covered with pro-Trump rhetoric and holding anti-CNN signs.

The footage, from a Melbourne, FL rally, dates back to 2017.

CNN’s Rene Marsh reported:

So much we have been digging into Cesar Sayoc’s background and coming across his social media and within our own video archives…You are looking, it’s highlighted there, this is a February 2017 rally in Melbourne, Florida. This is towards the end of the rally, end of the event. What was happening in front of him is that reporters were going live from the rally and there he was holding a ‘CNN sucks’ sign back in Florida back in 2017. We have been going through his social media. We do know that obviously authorities have been going through his social media as well, his Twitter account [is] extremely political in nature. In going through many of his tweets, it is clear that he had his eyes on his targets before he even mailed those suspicious packages. Because you go through, there’s essentially a tweet for almost every person targeted from Cory Booker to the Clintons, to the Obamas, to CNN. He has a negative comment about all of those people on his Twitter feed.

She added: “There are several tweets at Donald Trump as well, wishing Donald Trump ‘Happy Birthday.’ So he was very active in that way on Twitter.”

Authorities have also recovered a van allegedly belonging to Sayoc. It was also covered with similar pro-Trump talk and far-right rhetoric.

Watch above, via CNN

[image via screengrab]

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