Ted Cruz Rages at ‘Political Smear Job’ Against Clarence Thomas: Democrats Hate Him ‘Because He’s a Black Man’


Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) held nothing back by claiming that the Left-wing uproar about Clarence Thomas’ ethical concerns is primarily based on the Supreme Court Justice’s race.

Cruz spoke with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures, where the conversation arrived at the scrutiny Thomas has been under ever since ProPublica reported on the undisclosed vacations and perks he received over the years from billionaire Republican donor Harlan Crow. The senator flatly rejected the idea that Thomas did anything wrong, calling him “one of the greatest Supreme Court justices ever to serve on the court.”

“Democrats hate Justice Thomas, and they save this special degree of hate for him, because he’s a Black man,” Cruz declared. “And their view is an African American is not allowed to be a conservative, is not allowed to disagree with Left-wing orthodoxy.”

Cruz went on in claiming Democrats see Thomas “as a traitor because he is African-American,” to which, Bartiromo muttered, “How disgusting!” On the subject of Thomas’ ethical concerns, Cruz blew past Thomas’ non-disclosure of Crow’s generosity in order to equate his vacations to those taken by left-leaning justices of the court.

“This is a political smear job directed at Clarence Thomas because he is an extraordinary constitutionalist and the Left hates him for it,” Cruz declared. Again, none of this drew any pushback from Bartiromo, who wrote it off as “more of the same.”

Watch above via Sunday Morning Futures.

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