Ted Cruz Says Voters Already Weighed In On SCOTUS: If Scalia Hadn’t Passed, Hillary May Have Won


Since yesterday’s huge announcement that there will now be an open Supreme Court seat, giving President Donald Trump a second pick for the bench, elected Democrats have been arguing that voters have not had the opportunity to be heard on the issue, and that no nominee should get confirmed or even hearings until after the November election. On Fox and Friends, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) begged to differ.

Host Steve Doocy asked Sen. Cruz to weigh in, saying “[Sen.]Chuck Schumer [D-NY] says they should put this off until after the election so the people have spoken.”

“Of course Chuck Schumer is saying that,” he said. “The Democrats are lighting their hair on fire, they are apoplectic.”

One democrat, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), went viral on Twitter over the last 24 hours for saying exactly that. Speaking to MSNBC in a clip she later posted on Twitter, Harris said the Supreme Court seat will have “a generational impact” and that “the American people should be able to weigh in on who will be in this position.”

Ted Cruz says that Supreme Court appointments were “a major issue” in 2016, and argues that the American people already have weighed in on it. He illustrated this in a striking fashion.

“I believe if Justice [Antonin] Scalia had not passed away when he did, there’s a very good possibility Hillary Clinton would be president of the United States right now.”

In other words, the voters were deciding against Hillary having the chance to fill Scalia’s seat, choosing Trump instead.

After the court decision on Trump’s travel ban, Buzzfeed’s breaking news editor David Mack said on Twitter that he was “constantly stunned the open SCOTUS seat wasn’t more of an issue” during the 2016 election.

Cruz is saying just the opposite.

“This was a major issue the American people decided, it’s a major reason we have President Trump and we have a Republican majority in the Senate,” he said.

Among conservatives this was, without question, a deciding factor in 2016. Many Republicans and conservatives otherwise skeptical of Trump voted for him on the basis of ensuring a GOP pick for the court, if not two. Senator Cruz is absolutely correct, and it’s something Joe Scarborough also pointed out this morning on MSNBC. Perhaps David Mack saw something different in liberal circles, but on the center right and right, it was one of the singular issues of the campaign and helped define the election.

And now it may define Trump.

Cruz said at the beginning of the clip that this appointment “could well prove to be the most significant thing Donald Trump does in his entire time in office,” and judging by the Democrats above, on that point there is little disagreement.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Fox News.

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