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‘That is So Dangerous!’ Fox News Panel Erupts After Contributor Diagnoses Mueller With Dementia

Fox News show Outnumbered went off the rails on Friday when Fox News commentator and former Real World star Rachel Campos-Duffy took it upon herself to diagnose Robert Mueller with “early-stage dementia.”

As the panel discussed the aftermath of Mueller’s testimony before Congress this week, Campos-Duffy reacted to the special counsel’s shaky performance by saying “it is silly to try and make us think that what we saw, we didn’t see.” After that, she followed Mark Levin’s example and said the following about Mueller being accompanied by his former chief of staff.

“I thought the lawyer was a visiting angel on not a lawyer. He is in early-stage dementia.”

The remarks drew gasps from the panel, and Jessica Tarlov immediately reacted with “Really!? You’re a doctor and you’ve seen him!?”

The two continued to clash as Tarlov decried it as a repetition of right-wing conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton’s health during the 2016 election.

“Don’t do it,” she exclaimed. “Do not talk about peoples’ health you know nothing about!”

Charlie Kirk, head of embattled youth group TPUSA, remarked, “the media and the left have been doing that for years” under his breath. Campos-Duffy continued to defend herself by saying, “we were told he was sharp as a tack, we all saw what we saw.” This spilled into another three-way fight over Fusion GPS, with Kirk exclaiming “how can you not even know what Fusion GPS is and be a citizen of the country?”

Fox News host Harris Faulkner eventually tried to get a grip on things by pointing out, “we’re not doctors.” She went on to note that Democrats like David Axelrod were disappointed with Mueller, claiming, “it is not Rachel and Charlie making things up.”

“I don’t think David Axelrod said he’s suffering from early-onset dementia!” Tarlov shot back.

Faulkner again conceded “we’re not physicians” as Tarlov moved on to say the content of the Mueller report is not diminished by his performance.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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