The View Grills Bret Baier: ‘People Do See Fox News as The Administration’s Mouthpiece’


The View seemed determined to understand where Fox News is coming from Thursday morning when speaking with the network’s chief political anchor Bret Baier.

The ladies of the round table asked the anchor all manner of questions — from how the network covers news, to Sean Hannity‘s reported nightly calls with President Donald Trump.

Whoopi Goldberg asked if Baier would personally feel more at ease if the White House apologized for disparaging comments made about John McCain.

“I’m not advising him. I’m covering him, you know?” Baier replied.

“No. I understand, but you’re talking about decency, and decency is important,” Goldberg replied. “We have lots of young people who watch your network who are taking a page out of that book… Does it bother you that we can’t seem to just say, ‘I’m sorry, I made a mistake?'”

“Yes, and I cover all of this,” Baier said. “If you watch my show, you know, some of the loudest critics of Fox don’t watch my show. We’re on the news side and there’s an opinion side.”

“I say to people, just watch my show three times and drop me an e-mail or a tweet and tell me what you think,” he continued. “So I’m telling you as a person here, do I think decency should drive the day? 100 percent. I’m going to cover all sides fairly so people can make up their minds.”

“People do see Fox News as the administration’s mouthpiece,” Sunny Hostin said later. “I don’t know if it helped that it’s been reported that your colleague Sean Hannity talks to the president nightly before bed about the day’s musings. Do you think that’s appropriate? I understand Sean is on the opinion side of the network.”

“First of all, the network overall is not a mouthpiece,” Baier responded. “There may be opinion shows that have a direct relationship with the president, and Sean is not calling me and giving me a download of the call.”

“I was on his show the other night, and he said to me, how much problem do I cause the news division?” he added. “Scale of one to 10, And I said, you know, ‘A solid six.’ But it depends on the day.”

Watch above, via ABC News.

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