The View Puts the Screws to Beto in Tough Interrogation: Do You ‘Get Away With More Because You’re a Man?’


Is the bloom off he Beto O’Rourke rose?

The former Texas congressman tried to gain some momentum for his 2020 bid by appearing on The View, Tuesday. Only, the panel gave him a bit tougher of a grilling than he might have been expecting.

Ana Navarro kicked off the interrogation by questioning the ex-House member on his experience — or relative lack thereof.

“Do you think [three terms in Congress is] enough prep work to get you ready to run this country?” Navarro asked. “Are you ready to run this country? What’s your experience?”

The former congressman replied by arguing that while he might not meet the experience threshold, no single person does either.

“I think that there’s no one person who can be up to every single one of the challenges that we just described,” O’Rourke said. “It’s going to take all of this country. It’s going to take a movement. Not just of Democrats, but of independents and Republicans as well.”

Meghan McCain then quizzed O’Rourke on his campaign rollout on the cover of Vanity Fair — in which he said he was “born” to run for President. McCain argued that a female candidate could not make some of the statements O’Rourke has.

“Do you think you can get away with more because you’re a man?” McCain asked. “And do you have any regrets about launching on the cover of Vanity Fair?”

“You’re right,” O’Rourke replied. “There are things that I have been privileged to do in my life that others cannot. And I think the more that I travel and listen to people and listen from them, the clearer that becomes to me.”

Joy Behar followed up.

“Would you say those are mistakes — being on the cover of Vanity Fair?” Behar asked. “It looks elitist?”

“Yeah, I think it reinforces that perception of privilege,” O’Rourke replied. “And that headline that said I was born to be in this, in the article, I was attempting to say that I felt that my calling was in public service. No one is born to be president of the United States of America. Least of all me.”

That, it seems, is becoming clearer by the day.

Watch above, via ABC.

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