The View Rips McEnany Over Dismissing Need For Mass Testing: So ‘Why is All of White House’ Getting Tested?


The View accused the White House of hypocrisy on Thursday as they scrutinized press secretary Kayleigh McEnany for her latest briefing on the coronavirus pandemic.

The show focused on how McEnany deflected and attacked the media on Wednesday when asked if she’d like to take back her claim from February that “we will not see diseases like the coronavirus come here” thanks to President Donald Trump. The panel also looked at how McEnany said “the notion that everyone needs to be tested is simply nonsensical,” and also her claims about the “myth” that widespread testing is necessary before the economy has a chance of safely reopening.

While Sunny Hostin gave McEnany credit for holding press conferences where her predecessor had none, she said the press secretary has already broken her promise to never lie to the media. Hostin also invoked news from earlier in the morning that a White House worker tested positive for Covid-19, and that Trump and Vice President Mike Pence were promptly tested afterwards — tests which came back negative.

“So it’s obviously important enough for everyone in the White House and surrounding the president to be tested for the coronavirus, but it’s not important to the press secretary and to the administration for Americans to be tested,” Hostin said. “That tells me she is just spinning lies to the American people rather than being honest…She is just lying to the American people like everyone else.”

Meghan McCain added that McEnany was hired as press secretary “because she’s very good at spinning propaganda.” After listing the topics she wants addressed at the White House’s briefings, McCain went on to say that without a testing plan, “this is going to be far more egregious than any crisis any of us have seen in all of our lifetimes.”

“I echo what Sunny is saying. If the tests aren’t important, why is all of the White House and allegedly most of the press corps getting these testings before they are in front of the president?” McCain asked. “I would like to go back to work. I know you would, and I would be comfortable doing that if we all had the capacity to get tested.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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