The View‘s Debate on Late-Term Abortion Bill Melts Down: ‘Can I Just Finish!?’


A discussion on The View, Tuesday, about a new abortion law ended up dissolving into a complete meltdown.

The fireworks started when the panel reviewed the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, a bill blocked by Congressional Democrats which would have required doctors to provide medical care to infants who are born alive after an abortion. Meghan McCain called this an example of extremism on the left, asking, “if Democrats want to win an election going forward, are you going to be the party of late-term abortion? The party of infanticide? Is this the platform you’re going to have?”

Sunny Hostin (who is pro-life) tried to get a word in eventually, which prompted McCain to ask her if she thinks babies born from botched abortions should be “put down like a dog or a cat?” Joy Behar tried to give Hostin the floor so she could make her counterpoint, but McCain repeatedly interrupted Hostin with mutterings of “disgusting” and “infanticide.”

“Is she going to be able to tell her side?” Behar asked McCain — as she and Hostin kept trampling over each other. Hostin tried to move forward by listing some of the controversial elements of the bill, but she eventually got fed up with McCain’s interruptions and asked “can I just finish?!”

The answer was no. Behar promptly ended the segment while Hostin and McCain were still going at it full steam.

Watch above, via ABC.

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