The View’s Sunny Hostin Dismisses China Imprisoning Muslims: ‘They’re Putting a Lot More Black People in Jail Here’


In a discussion on a poll declaring patriotism is on the decline, The View’s Sunny Hostin dismissed the issue of internment camps for Uyghur Muslims by declaring the United States imprisons far more Black people.

A Wall Street Journal/NORC survey found only 38 percent of respondents considered patriotism “very important,” which is a drop from 70 percent in 1998.

Alyssa Farah Griffin argued at one point that despite its flaws, the U.S. is the greatest nation and must act as the leader of the free world or communist China will.

“If America is not the number one global power, it’s not going to be Denmark, it’s going to be communist China, a country that right now the government is imprisoning Uyghur Muslims in concentration camps. It is a deeply racist government, it’s a human rights-violating government, it’s a government that if they are the leader of the free world, we are not a free world like we are right now,” Griffin said.

She later declared, “Nowhere else in the world do all these women sit at this table.”

“We all know it’s a great country because we all have benefitted from some of the great things about this country,” Joy Behar said, noting however young people fear regular mass shootings and a broken healthcare system.

Hostin jumped in and circled back to Griffin mentioning China’s internment camps.

“When I listen to Christopher Wray, the head of the FBI, he said white supremacy is the biggest domestic threat to this country and so as a woman of color and with a 6’2″ black kid in college and a 5’7″, 5’8″ Black kid in high school, I don’t see that part of American exceptionalism. I’m sorry,” Hostin said. “I think this country has a lot of problems that could be solved. Yes, maybe they’re putting Muslims in jail in Afghanistan, I think you mentioned?”

“China,” Griffin replied.

“China? They’re putting a lot more Black people in jail here,” Hostin said.

According to an NBC News report, Chinese officials have worked to coverup the torture carried out at these camps. More than one million Muslims are reportedly held captive in these reported camps, which human rights groups have widely condemned. Prisoners reportedly face abuse, work in factories, and are forced to renounce their religions.

According to a report from the think tank Prison Policy Initiative this year, the U.S. had approximately two million people detained in prisons and Black Americans make up around 38 percent of that population, meaning approximately 760,000. None of these prisoners are held in concentration camps, according to any reports.

Griffin asked what country on the planet is ahead of the United States on race. No one offered up the U.S. as leading China and others on race and Whoopi Goldberg described a different America than what she’s seen before.

“This is really about all of things that we believed we were doing that we don’t do anymore,” she said. We don’t teach people that it is your birthright to vote in this country. It’s a gift. We don’t teach people what their rights are as human beings.”

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