This C-SPAN Caller Was So Upset About NFL Protests She Cried On Air: ‘It’s Too Painful’


Following a weekend’s worth of attacks on NFL players by President Donald Trump for kneeling in protest during the national anthem, the athletes responded with widespread demonstrations that included far more players kneeling, some teams refusing to come out of the locker room, and solidarity displays involving owners and athletes.

Well, it appears those actions really upset a New Jersey woman, causing her to bust out in tears.

Early this morning on C-SPAN, a woman named Sharon called in to host Pedro Echevarria to discuss the whole issue revolving around players kneeling during the Star Spangled Banner to protest racial injustice. And she highlighted how she was on the president’s side and she was boycotting the league because she felt the players were showing disrespect for the flag.

“I’m a big, huge football fan,” she stated. “But I can’t watch it anymore because it brings tears to my eyes. it is too painful, so I can’t do that.”

After Sharon noted that she’s a retired military person and the flag is a symbol to her of people trying to always do the right thing, Echevarria asked her if she tried to watch the games this past Sunday.

“I tried to watch it and I just couldn’t because I just kept crying,” Sharon responded. “I don’t understand why people do these things.”

The host then wanted to know if she would go back to watching the NFL, to which Sharon said she would if the players stopped kneeling during the anthem. And then, yep, she broke down.

“I miss my Monday nights,” Sharon said through tears. “I’m an addict. I have two televisions on watching two different timezones. I’m crazy about football but I just can’t take the pain.”

Watch the clip above, via C-SPAN.

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