‘This is Fake News’: Guy With ‘Fox Lies’ Sign Shuts Down Fox & Friends Segment


A Fox & Friends segment went off the rails this morning when a man with a “Fox Lies” sign interrupted the broadcast and declared “this is fake news!”

In a bit called “Breakfast With Fox & Friends” — in which co-host Steve Doocy claims to be discovering “the pulse of the people” — Fox News reporter Todd Piro visits breakfast cafes and diners across the country to find out the political concerns of Americans outside the Beltway. Apparently, this particular Kentucky man at Christi’s Cafe was not representative of the people’s pulse as Piro relented to the anti-Fox troll by cutting the segment short with a commercial break.

“We don’t know exactly what was going on there, but they felt for, in the best interest of the telecast, we cut away,” Doocy said.

While a man in a Kentucky diner may believe they are fake news and liars, the most powerful man in the world does not, as he gave the show a promotional plug at a campaign rally in Phoenix, Arizona last night. “Fox and Friends in the Morning is the best show, and it’s the absolute, most honest show, and it’s the show I watch,” President Donald Trump announced.

Mediaite reached out to Christi’s Cafe for comment on the controversy that took place in their establishment — but the restaurant declined to comment, as their kitchen manager was not authorized to discuss the news credibility of Fox & Friends.

Watch the clip above via Fox News.

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