‘This Is Shameful!’ The Five’s Juan Williams Goes OFF on Co-Hosts for Backing Up Baseless Election Claims

Juan Williams went off on his co-hosts on The Five over their promotion of President Donald Trump’s baseless claims of election fraud, pointing out the number of Republicans who had debunked various claims and calling the entire discussion “shameful.”

Jesse Watters played clips from the legislative hearing in Michigan where several poll watchers claimed they were “bullied.” (As has been covered extensively here at Mediaite and Law & Crime, claims like these have been alleged by Sidney Powell in a series of laughably disastrous pleadings, never rising to the level that would justify a court invalidating votes, much less overturning the election result in any state.)

Greg Gutfeld then launched into a diatribe against the Democratic Party for defending “every violation of civil discourse in civil society that has occurred this year.”

“Riots were recast as mostly peaceful,” said Gutfeld, “looting was seen by a legitimate protest by The Atlantic, speaking truth to power, defunding the police was championed until of course they thought that might cost them elections so they backed off.”

Gutfeld continued, saying that the Democrats were willing to “seize power by any means necessary,” including being willing to engage voter intimidation and threats of violence, “and if we don’t call them out on this, which is what we’re doing now, it’s going to continue.”

According to Gutfeld, Democrats viewed Trump as “such a monster” and his supporters “so evil” that it led to “a four-year moral crusade to make it acceptable to abuse an entire group of people because they didn’t agree with you,” so it made sense to him that “you don’t even need widespread fraud, all you need is a little bit of it in these specific cities and you can turn an election.”

Williams interjected at this point, and after some back-and-forth with Watters he turned to Gutfeld’s comments. “I’m thinking to myself, is [Attorney General] Bill Barr a Democrat now? Is he to be treated as not part of the Republican Party?”

“Bill Barr said there is no evidence of such substance and such magnitude that it would overturn the election,” Williams said emphatically. “That’s the key point.”

The discussion quickly devolved into a cross-shouting match, with several members of the panel talking over each other and Gutfeld shouting that he was talking about poll workers being “intimidated.”

“Let me finish…Let me finish, will you, please?” shouted Williams. “You are misrepresenting what you are talking about!”

Williams then read quotes from a number of Republican-appointed judges, Republican elected officials, the conservative Wall Street Journal editorial board, the Republican head of cybersecurity Chris Krebs, all defending the integrity of the election and criticizing the Trump campaign for making these baseless and unproven claims that had no chance of overturning the election results.

“You are just reading things Republicans have said, in states we are not talking about,” retorted Watters.

After a bit more cross-shouting, it was Dagen McDowell’s turn to complain about “whistleblowers” regarding these election fraud claims not being covered, and the other panel members bringing up issues they felt should be “investigated.”

Williams scoffed at these claims as “this nonsense,” as Watters smirked and laughed.

“How many of these cases have been just disabused as ridiculous?” asked Williams. (Answer: virtually all of them.)

Cue some more cross-shouting.

“This is shameful,” said an exasperated Williams.

“I think Juan is nervous,” said Watters. “If you won, don’t be so nervous.”

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

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