Today Show Fires Back at Bill Clinton For ‘Making False Allegations’ About Interview

Today show hosts Craig Melvin and Savannah Guthrie addressed former President Bill Clinton‘s attempts to clean up the mess he made in a contentious interview on NBC about his treatment of Monica Lewinsky.

Clinton sparked controversy after he responded defensively to questioning by Melvin in a Today show interview on Monday. The Today host appeared to surprise Clinton with questions about Lewinsky, and whether he owed the former White House intern an apology in the wake of the Me Too movement.

Appearing on Stephen Colbert‘s show Tuesday night, Clinton addressed the interview — which he admitted was not his “finest hour” — and apparently blamed NBC for taking his words out of context.

“They had to distill it and it looked like it said I didn’t apologize and had no intention to, and I was mad at me,” Clinton said. “Here is what I want to say, it wasn’t my finest hour.”

Clinton said that the interview made it seem like he had never apologized to Lewinsky.

At a New York Times event, Clinton also took Melvin to task personally.

“What surprised me was the flat-out assertion that I never apologized,” Clinton said. “I should have remembered that that man is young enough to be my son.”

“I messed up, and I own that, and no mistake by anybody else – including that young man aggressively saying I didn’t apologize – can justify the fact that I got mad,” he added.

“[Clinton’s] still making false allegations about that interview with Craig,” Guthrie announced on the Today show Wednesday morning.

Melvin maintained that he never asserted Clinton hadn’t apologized to Lewinsky, but merely asked the question.

“I think the tape speaks for itself,” Guthrie said. “You of course did not assert that he had never apologized, you asked whether he had apologized.”

Watch above, via NBC.

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