Trevor Noah: Congress Can’t Find Money For Anything, Except $15M To Pay For Their Sexual Harassment


On Wednesday night, Trevor Noah slammed Congress for shelling out $15 million over the years to pay for sexual harassment settlements.

The Daily Show host began by saying that sexual harassment isn’t just for Hollywood and “Alabama malls” noted the story shared by Congresswoman Barbara Comstock (R-VA) of a young staffer what was exposed by a congressman wearing nothing but a towel.

“Really? The towel again?” Noah asked. “Did everyone go to the same Harvey Weinstein school of sexual harassment?”

He addressed the millions in taxpayer money that was spent between 1997-2016.

“It’s amazing how with all the things Congress apparent ‘can’t’ find money for, there’s still plenty of cash to pay for their sexual harassment,” Noah reacted.

Noah then explained the extensive, complex process accusers have to go through in order to file a sexual harassment complaint in Congress as laid out in the handbook of the Office of Compliance.

“This process is so complicated and demoralizing, even the HR department on Fox News would probably be like, ‘You guys have no respect for women,'” Noah quipped.

He then brought on Daily Show correspondent Michelle Wolf to weigh in.

“Men, when you open the door in a towel, what do you think will happen? You’ll drop it and we’ll be like, ‘Oh, I simply must have sex with that?'” she asked.

Wolf called women’s bodies “great” and called men’s bodies “an obligation” and invoked John Mayer by comparing a woman’s “wonderland” to man’s “giant abandoned warehouse.”

“You know why we stare at your eyes when we have sex with you? It’s because your eyes are the least-repulsive part of your body,” she continued. “The eyes are the windows away from your dick. You know why penises go in holes? Because we don’t wanna see them!”

She concluded by suggesting to Congress to treat their penises like gun violence and “do nothing.”

Watch the clip above, via Comedy Central.

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