Trevor Noah on Arpaio Pardon: ‘For a Guy Who’s Not a Racist, Donald Trump Sure Has A Lot of Racist Friends’

Trevor Noah slammed President Trump‘s decision to pardon AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio last Friday.

He started off by taking a shot at Speaker Paul Ryan for “sorta standing up to Trump” when he broke away from the president on the pardon.

“Let’s be honest, Paul Ryan is never really standing up to Trump,” Noah said. “Paul Ryan stands up to Trump the same way you stand up to a waiter at a sh*tty restaurant.”

In a segment called “Profiles in Tremendousness: Pardon Edition,” Noah gave a background of Arpaio for being anti-illegal immigration and “anti-being a decent human being” for how he ran his prisons and pointed to a report that taxpayers had to pay $142 million in legal fees.

“Just think about that for a second,” Noah reacted. “Think about all the other things that money could have bought: new schools, or roads, or they could have just paid Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather to punch Arpaio in the face.”

The Daily Show host pointed out that all of the stuff mentioned was why Arpaio needed the pardon, saying that his “full-time job was racism.”

“For a guy who’s not racist, Donald Trump sure has a lot of racist friends,” Noah said. “He’s like the straight guy at the gym that all the gay guys hit on. Maybe they know something you don’t?”

Watch the clip above, via Comedy Central.


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