Trey Gowdy: ‘I Will Continue to Not Believe’ McCabe Comments on Briefing Gang of 8 Over Trump Probe


Fox News contributor and former SC congressman Trey Gowdy spoke with Martha MacCallum on Tuesday night regarding fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe‘s assertion that he had briefed the so-called “Gang of Eight” about the FBI’S Trump-Russia investigation and “no one objected.” McCabe’s claim was big news all day, but Gowdy does not buy it.

McCabe said in an interview Tuesday morning that he had briefed the Gang of Eight– the intel body comprised the majority and minority leaders of the House and Senate as well as the intelligence committee leaders–about the FBI opening a counterintelligence investigation into President Donald Trump and his ties to Russia. Gowdy told MacCallum he doesn’t believe it.

MacCallum asked Gowdy what he thought McCabe was “getting at” with the assertion that he briefed leaders like Rep. Devin Nunes and Rep. Paul Ryan and “no one objected.”

“That Devin and Paul knew about it and had no problem with it,” said Gowdy. “The reason he’s doing it this way is that Devin and Paul are not allowed to discuss anything that is said in a Gang of Eight meeting, and McCabe knows that. So he can level the accusation and Paul and Devin cannot refute him.”

“What I think is fascinating is, there were three investigations into a duly elected president,” said Gowdy. “The Peter Strzok one from July of 2016 and then McCabe started a counterintelligence, and if he’s telling the truth, started a criminal probe into the President of the United States.”

“I listened to Devin and Paul quiz the DOJ and the DOJ for hours on multiple occasions about the one counterintelligence investigation we all knew about it. I find it stunning that they would know about a second one and not say a single solitary word,” said Gowdy. “And I will continue to not believe they knew about it unless one or the other contradicts it.”

MacCallum and Gowdy continued to clarify the difference between the investigations, and what exactly McCabe was accusing the President Trump of doing or being, which was essentially that he was a security threat to the nation and “an agent of Russia” as MacCallum put it.

They played a clip of Rep. Adam Schiff from Sunday stating that there is “evidence in plain sight” of collusion between Trump and Russia.

“Collusion is a synonym for conspiracy,” said Gowdy. “So I hope the questioner followed-up and said, ‘Okay, Chairman Schiff, you have just said that you have evidence of a criminal conspiracy between the president of the United States and the Russian state. What is that evidence? What is the crime? Was Trump involved in the hacking of the DNC server? Was he involved in the hacking of John Podesta’s email? Are you alleging he participated in deciding when to disseminate the proceeds of these two hacks?'”

“I have heard Adam on a number of occasions say that he is the third eye raven, has evidence and seen things nobody else has ever seen before. But I’ve never heard him asked ‘What is it? What is the evidence of crime that you have, Chairman Schiff?’ I’ve never heard it followed up on” said Gowdy.

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