Trump Attacks ‘Dishonest’ Media at Montana Rally: ‘These are Really Bad People’


Just one week after the Capital Gazette shooting in Annapolis, MD, President Donald Trump again publicly slammed the media, railing against reporters at his Montana rally Thursday night.

“I see the way they write,” he told the crowd. “They’re so damn dishonest. And I don’t mean all of them. Because some of the finest people I know are journalists. Really. Hard to believe when I say that. I hate to say it but I have to say. But 75% of those people are downright dishonest. Downright dishonest.”

But it didn’t stop there. Trump continued his rant, recycling his claims of “fake news,” rallying up his supporters by launching animosity toward the press.

“They’re fake. They’re fake,” he said. “They quote sources. ‘A source within the Trump organization said.’ A source. They don’t have a source. They never use names anymore. The old days, you have to use names. ‘Jim Smith said that Donald Trump is a bad guy.’ They don’t do that anymore. They say ‘a source within the administration.’ They make the sources up. They don’t exist in many cases. I saw one of them said 15 anonymous sources. I don’t have 15 people — forget it. 15 anonymous sources have said all source of stuff. These are really bad people.”

The president was attending a campaign event in Great Falls to support Senate hopeful Matt Rosendale (R) who is up against the Democratic incumbent, Sen. Jon Tester, who’s looking to keep his seat in November.

During the same rally, he also called the Statue of Liberty protester a “clown.”

UPDATE: Fox Business correspondent Charles Gasparino responded to Trump’s rally remarks.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News

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