Trump Evades Tax Return Question: ‘I’ll Make a Decision’ After ‘Routine Audit’ Is Complete


Last week, while unveiling the outline of the White House’s tax reform plan, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin was pressed on President Donald Trump’s resistance to releasing his tax returns. In response, Mnuchin stated that Trump had no intention of releasing them as he’s given plenty of financial information already.

During an interview that was broadcast this morning on CBS’s Face the Nation, Trump said that Mnuchin never asked him personally about his taxes. At the same time, the president relied on his long-standing answer when pushed on if/when he’ll release his returns — he’s under audit.

“I’m under audit,” the president exclaimed. “Right now, I’m under audit.”

He proceeded to explain that it appears to be a “routine audit” but that his returns are very large. POTUS added that he thinks it is unfair that he’s been under audit for at least 12 years in a row, claiming that he thinks it is happening because he’s very famous.

Host John Dickerson brought up that Trump has been relying on this claim for at least 14 months and wanted to know when he thinks the audit will be over.

“It could happen soon,” the president noted. “I think it’s routine, to be honest with you. Then I’ll make a decision.”

When Dickerson said Democrats are considering making the passage of tax reform contingent on the release of his tax returns, Trump switched the subject to criticizing the party as “obstructionists” and having lost everything while evading Dickerson’s original question.

Watch the exchange above, via CBS News.

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