Trump Fawns Over Kim Jong Un to Hannity: ‘He is Very Sharp’ and a ‘Real Leader’


In his post-Vietnam summit interview with Fox News on Thursday night, President Donald Trump gushed over Kim Jong Un while shrugging off critics who take issue with his friendly attitude toward the North Korean tyrant.

Sean Hannity asked Trump to elaborate on the dinner he had with Kim before their denuclearization negotiations fell apart in Hanoi. From there, Trump heaped praise on Kim, saying “he is a real personality, he is very smart, he is sharp as you can be, he is a real leader. He is pretty mercurial.”

Did Hannity push back on any of this fawning over a despot with nuclear weapons who commits crimes against humanity on a daily basis? No. Instead, the Fox host moved on with an obvious, matter-of-fact observation that Trump isn’t rushing to make a deal which doesn’t include North Korea’s complete and verified denuclearization.

“It’s a much tougher deal to make, maybe it won’t get made, that’s the deal we should have,” Trump said. “The relationship is very good. He likes me, I like him. Some people say ‘you should not like him.’ I say, ‘Why shouldn’t I like him?’ I like him. Get along great. We will see what happens.”

Again, no push back from Hannity over the president liking the leader of the country that brutalized an American student to his eventual death. Of course, Trump held a press conference after the summit during which he said that he accepts Kim’s word that he had no knowledge of how Otto Warmbier was being treated throughout his imprisonment.

Warmbier’s parents, in a just-released statement, beg to differ.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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