Trump Insists He Has ‘Confidence’ in Intel Agencies, Doesn’t Say Whether Putin’s Lying


In an interview that aired on CBS Wednesday night, President Donald Trump sat down with Jeff Glor to talk about the recent controversy over Russian election meddling sparked on, in part, by his own, controversial remarks both in Helsinki and back at home.

At one point in the CBS Evening News interview, Trump said he believed the US intelligence agencies, prompting Glor to ask this: “So if you believe U.S. intelligence agencies, is Putin lying to you?”

Trump replied, “I don’t want to get into whether or not he’s lying. I can only say that I do have confidence in our intelligence agencies as currently constituted.”

The president then proceed to praise the intelligence community:  I think that [Director of National Intelligence] Dan Coats is excellent. I think that Gina [Haspel, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency] is excellent. I think we have excellent people in the agencies and when they tell me something, it means a lot.”

Glor then pressed further, telling Trump that Coats says the Russian threat is ongoing.

“Do you agree with that?” Glor asked.

Trump replied not that he agreed, but that he accepted it.  “Well, I’d accept that. He’s an expert. This is what he does. He’s been doing a very good job. I have tremendous faith in Dan Coats. If he says that I would accept that. I will tell you, though, it better not be. Tt better not be.”

He also told Glor that he’s talked to Coats since his return from Helsinki. “I go along with him… he’s a great guy.”

Watch above, via CBS News.

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