Trump Pick and Ex-CNN Analyst Stephen Moore Responds to CNN Report: ‘They’re Pulling a Kavanaugh Against Me’


One of President Donald Trump‘s picks to serve on the Federal Reserve Board, Stephen Moore, has been battling CNN’s KFILE over their reporting on past commentary Moore wrote about women. In the latest round, Moore said that CNN is trying to “pull a Kavanaugh” against him.

The KFILE reported a few days ago on columns written by Moore in which he argued women shouldn’t cover sports, and that there could be an exception if they are attractive and wear halter tops.

Moore responded to that article by saying his prior commentary was “a spoof,” both in response to CNN and in an email to the Washington Post.

He then said, in an interview with talk radio station WZFG in North Dakota, that people opposed to his nomination are “pulling a Kavanaugh against” him.

“I was so honored when I got the call from Donald Trump but you know, it’s been since then is one personal assault after another, a kind of character assassination that has nothing to do with economics,” said Moore on The Flag. “But you know, my divorce 10 years ago, or something I wrote 25 years ago. They have six full-time investigative reporters looking into me at The Washington Post, the New York Times, and CNN.”

“You know, Scott, I kind of wear it as a badge of honor, that they’re so afraid of me, that they want all these people looking into my past,” he said. “If you notice, Scott, they have not attacked me on my economic ideas.”

It should be noted that, until the last few months, Moore was a Senior Economics Analyst for CNN.

Toward the end of the interview, he addressed the point again, saying, “you know, they’re pulling a Kavanaugh against me.”

On Wednesday morning, Kaczynski responded on air.

“I don’t even know what pulling a Kavanaugh means,” said Kaczynski. “Look, when you’re a nominee or pick for a public administration, your record is going to get scrutinized. Things that you say, things that you did–those are going to be reported on.”

“I know this morning he was referring to this as a smear campaign, covering comments he made about women, and covering things that he said in columns. That is not a smear campaign. That is reporting on his record,” he continued. “So it’s a little odd that he finds just commenting things that he has done and said to be such a problem for him.”

“It’s reporting, you’re doing your job,” said anchor Poppy Harlow.

“Yeah, it’s reporting,” said Kaczynski.

Watch above, courtesy of CNN, or listen above, courtesy of WZMG AM 1100 The Flag

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