Trump Pivots: A Lot of Wall Already Built; ‘Chant Should be Finish the Wall’


President Donald Trump addressed the press gathered in the White House cabinet room on Friday and notably pivoted from getting funding over the border wall he so aggressively campaigned on to touting large sections of border wall that are already being built.

“We are building the wall, a lot of it — the chant should be to ‘finish the wall,’ as opposed to ‘build the wall.’ We are finishing a lot of wall.”

Much of what the commander-in-chief said was familiar to anyone who follows his Twitter feed or has seen any of his many statements or speeches on the issue. What is fairly new is — what appears to be — a pivot away from the congressional funding over which he effectively shut down the government for 35 record days.

Trump also described the “115 miles of wall” that will be constructed “very shortly.”

“It is being built. Some of it has already been completed. In San Diego, if you look, it’s been completed,” adding “It’s very beautiful, brand-new. We have more while under construction and we are giving out a lot of contracts.”

Trump began suggesting earlier in the week that Republicans were wasting their time with Democrats trying to reach a compromise, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has publicly stated that she the compromise bill will would have no wall funding, though the negotiations are still ongoing.

Asked if he would declare a national emergency if the three-week compromise ends without a resolved stalemate over border wall funding. Trump noted that he would address the issue during next week’s State of the Union address that was delayed a week as a result of the partisan stand off.

Watch above via Fox News.

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