Trump Quotes Fox News’s Andrew Napolitano on Justice Department ‘Conspiracy’

Once again, Donald Trump is letting the world know that he’s getting his presidential daily briefing from Fox & Friends:

As you can see, judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano was on the couch today to talk about Trump’s latest Fox News-inspired slams against Senator Mark Warner and FBI agent Peter Strzok. At one point in the conversation, Napolitano said he “could not agree with [Trump] more” regarding the questions about the FBI’s conduct during the 2016 election.

“Why he has agreed to testify is beyond me,” Napolitano said. “He knows whatever he says under oath can be used against him but he agreed to testify. We have the right to observe that testimony. If we don’t, if it’s just the politicians, then the Republicans will leak their narrative and the Democrats will leak their narrative. We are adults. They work for us. We can see what form our own conclusions.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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