Trump Reminisces About ‘Deplorables’ During Economy Speech: ‘Not a Good Phrase She Used’

During a speech on the economy and tax cuts in Pennsylvania this afternoon, President Donald Trump invoked a term that his 2016 election opponent used during the presidential campaign in a seemingly off-script moment.

After stating that the recently passed tax reform bill was already making a big difference for the middle class, the president said that “we’re ensuring the forgotten men and women of our country are never, ever forgotten again.” This caused him to bring up the infamous remark Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton used while describing Trump’s supporters.

“Remember? The deplorables?!” Trump declared. “The deplorables. We’re all deplorables!”

The president then wondered aloud if anyone “would have thought this was going to turn into a landslide,” obviously referencing his Electoral College victory in the 2016 election. Trump went on to take some not-so-veiled shots at Clinton.

“Not a good phrase she used — some things you would like to have back,” Trump said before moving back towards discussing the economy.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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