Trump Rose Garden Speech on China Devolves Into Rambling Diatribe of Grievances, Bashing Biden and Other Foes


President Donald Trump delivered a long, rambling, and relentlessly monotone political attack on Joe Biden and the Democrats at a White House Rose Garden speech that was initially billed as a news conference about announcing new sanctions on China.

After spending the initial minutes of his speech bashing China’s actions in Hong Kong, the president quickly pivoted to transforming the event into a nearly hour-long, often circular, stream-of-consciousness political rant that mimicked his performances at his trademark rallies. Though the Rose Garden is traditionally considered a partisan-free zone, Trump cast aside decorum to go through a long list of political opponents. But without the energy of an adoring fan base cheering him on, Trump seemed enervated during his diatribe, his demeanor noticeably dour, his voice consistently flat.

Trump’s airing of grievances zeroed in on China, which he repeatedly blamed as the origin of the coronavirus. But he also saved plenty of ire for the media, which he again complained was unfairly criticizing him for the massive spike in Covid-19 cases. Likewise, he repeated his false claim that more testing was the cause of more actual cases.

But Trump saved his most of his attacks for the Democratic presidential nominee and his party, trotting out campaign rally applauses lines like Burisma and “Where’s Hunter?” in reference to Biden’s son and then repeating another false claim, that he raised $1.5 billion from China.

And, at times, Trump even seem to lose his political bearings. At one point, Trump noted that former Democratic presidential primary opponent Bernie Sanders had joined with Biden’s team to create a unity platform, but then he appeared to forget which end of the political spectrum Sanders comes from.

The Biden-Sanders agenda is the most extreme platform of any major party nominee, by far in American history,” Trump said. “I think it’s worse that Bernie’s platform because it’s gone so far right.”

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

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