Trump Trashes Van Jones and Al Sharpton at TPUSA’s Black Leadership Summit


President Donald Trump went on a long tangent attacking MSNBC host the Rev. Al Sharpton and CNN’s Van Jones for not thanking him during a black leadership summit.

“So Van Jones was on about two weeks ago, and he came to me, and I am telling you, he was so nice. He was sitting right there when I was doing it. I said thank you Van Jones, thank you this one, this one, that one, that one, and that was it. And he came up and thanked me. That was it. Then about three weeks, I saw him on television — I don’t watch his show too much. Neither do too many,” Trump said while speaking to a black leadership summit hosted by the conservative group Turning Point USA.

The president was apparently referring to The Van Jones Show, which airs on Saturdays at 7 p.m.

Trump complained that Jones thanked Sharpton on his show, going off onto another tangent about boxing promoter Don King being his friend and claiming that Sharpton “scared NBC into giving him a show. They don’t want to have any trouble. But he’s sort of a third-rate con guy.”

Trump then got back on track and said Jones didn’t thank him on his show for passing criminal justice reform.

“I kept waiting for my name,” Trump said. “I said darling, come over here. I’m going to have a great little name mention. Yes, darling, the First Lady. How good is the First Lady? And I kept waiting. And I kept waiting. I grew embarrassed in front of my wife. I said ‘he didn’t name me! I’m the one who did it!’ I called up Jared [Kushner]. I said ‘Jared, what the Hell is this?'”

“And then he spoke to Jared and he apologized, didn’t he? But I don’t accept those apologies,” Trump said.

Watch above, via C-SPAN.

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