Trump’s Spiritual Adviser on Fox & Friends: POTUS ‘Put Prayer Back Into The White House’


Megachurch televangelist Paula White, President Donald Trump’s spiritual adviser, appeared on Fox & Friends Monday morning to celebrate the administration’s victory in the war for Christmas.

“Isn’t it nice to be able to say Merry Christmas, and to put Jesus Christ back on the White House lawn?” White, the chair of Trump’s evangelical advisory board, declared.

The “War on Christmas” was a regular centerpiece of Trump’s campaign rallies during the holiday season, and the now-president has this year declared victory, tweeting that people are “proud to be saying Merry Christmas again.”

The “War” was popular fodder for Fox News under the Obama administration, with its opinion shows regularly speculating that the former president and his liberal allies were on some sort of crusade against Christmas. Not to mention, during Trump’s quest to prove Obama was not born in the United States, he regularly suggested on Fox that the former president could be a Muslim.

It’s not clear where Paula White is getting her specific information from, however. The Obama administration never removed Jesus Christ from the White House, and declared “Merry Christmas” every year.

“[Trump] is a man of faith, he is a believer, he’s spiritual,” White continued. “Trump just hasn’t put Christ back in Christmas, but he’s also put prayer back into the White House. He’s put justice…and religious freedom back into our courts.”

Again, it’s not clear “Christ” was ever removed from “Christmas,” nor that prayer ever left the White House. If you suspected that perhaps this whole War on Christmas thing was drummed up to stoke a culture divide, only to have Trump declare victory over a threat that never existed, you may be onto something.

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