Tucker Carlson Battles Univision Anchor: Why Are You Fine With Calling Charles Manson an ‘Animal’ But Not MS-13?


On Thursday night, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson lectured Univision’s Enrique Acevedo about how he was so “driven crazy” by President Donald Trump’s policies that he could not see how Trump was right about immigration.

Then, the Fox News host evoked infamous criminal Charles Manson to defend Trump’s “animal” remarks.

“First of all, they have — whatever, they are not required by the Constitution to compliment immigrants,” Carlson opined. “Sorry. Second, you may not agree with all of his policies, but in this specific case, he is criticizing people who are evil, and are killing, once again, the poor and the defenseless. And you have been driven so crazy by Trump that you can’t even accept that as true.”

Next, Carlson asked this: “If I accept Charles Manson as an animal, does that bother you?”

“Of course not,” Acevado replied, before noting he actually agrees with Trump on criminals but pointed out most of ICE’s arrests involved non-criminals.

Carlson was not impressed.

After saying he was “sick of being told by foreigners about who we can deport and who we can’t,” the Fox News host doubled down on his Manson question.

“Final question. Why does it not bother you when I called Charles Manson an animal, but it does bother you when Trump calls MS-13 animals?” Carlson asked.

Then, after Acevedo tried to say Trump is speaking to his base but “is not speaking to the other societies,” Carlson exploded.

“Really? Do you speak for all Hispanics?” Carlson snapped back. “Are you the appointed leader of Hispanics now?”

Watch the entire tense exchange above, via Fox News.

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