Tucker Carlson Calls CNN’s Brooke Baldwin ‘Dumb’ and ‘Airhead’ After ‘Pompous Lecture’ to Business Owner Planning to Reopen


Fox News’ Tucker Carlson mocked CNN’s Brooke Baldwin and called her “dumb” after her interview with a small business owner planning to reopen.

Baldwin — who returned to air this week after her battle with coronavirus — spoke Thursday with Juan Desmarais, a California small business owner who said he intends to reopen his barber shops despite the continued stay-at-home orders in his state.

Desmarais defended his decision and talked about the precautionary measures employees will be taking, saying, “We’re just trying to get back to work… My barbers’ livelihoods, as well as my own livelihood, is at stake here.”

At one point Baldwin confronted him for saying that he doesn’t care if he personally gets it, arguing, “I think neither of us are doctors and I know there’s a lot of numbers being thrown out. I’ve had it. It was not fun, and I had it way better than a lot of the folks who are on ventilators and about half of the folks put on ventilators don’t make it out of the hospital. So just, I don’t think you want to say, maybe, it’s okay if I get it.”

Carlson covered Baldwin’s interview Friday, starting by saying, “Many of America’s small business owners have been pushed absolutely to the limit. They don’t work for the government, and unlike private equity, the system is not rigged in their favor… and they are desperate to get back to work.”

He called Baldwin “one of the dumber” anchors on CNN and scolded her for “sham[ing]” him on the air.

Carlson showed clips from the interview before saying, “So the barbershop owner endured that self-righteous scolding from dumb people over on CNN.”

Later on in the show, Carlson actually spoke with Desmarais, who spoke again about how he’s trying to keep his business going and take care of his employees, revealing he received a cease and desist order. “I’m going to continue working, I’m going to continue to stay open, my barbers are going to continue to serve their community.”

As Carlson teed up the segment, he said, “He was lectured by someone with a guaranteed income. Some airhead.”

Carlson asked Desmarais at one point about the CNN interview and said, “I’m really struck by the pompous lecture that you received by one of their anchors yesterday. Someone who will not be out of work when you are out of work.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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