Tucker Carlson Claims Media Will ‘Shut This Election Down,’ Democrats Will Force Trump Voters into Submission in Wild Opener


Fox News’ Tucker Carlson had a lot of claims to make while opening his Thursday night show in the midst of America’s efforts to determine the final results of the 2020 election.

The show naturally began with the disputes over the election count, specifically with Carlson comparing the current state of the country to what it saw during the 2000 Bush v. Gore Florida recount fight. After hailing the how the country was able to get through that period, Carlson moved on to say times have changed since then, and “it is entirely possible now, and someday soon, that the news media will decide to shut this election down. Believe it or not, effectively, they have the power to do that.”

From there, Carlson outlined a scenario where Trump’s supporters would not accept the Pennsylvania election results until every every credible election fraud allegation was looked into.

“Not all the claims are credible. Some are,” he said. “You would let the process work…Maybe in the end, Joe Biden would win anyway. Maybe he wouldn’t. But the public’s faith in the system would remain intact. That’s what you do if you cared about this country.”

After that, Carlson insinuated that the election is entirely about grabbing power, and to that end, “You would just shut it [the vote count] down. The news media believes they can do that.”

So, let’s say that the news networks decide to do that. Shut it down. What then? Donald Trump and his voters would complain, obviously, but what can they really do? They are not news anchors. They don’t own their own channels. And if you wanted to stop them from complaining, it wouldn’t be very hard. You would just accuse them of attacking democracy. Then, you would censor their social media posts. You might even pull the president off Twitter completely.

From there, Carlson accused Democrats of plotting how to force Trump voters into submission, pointing to a report saying John Podesta once took part in a post-election simulation and asked what would the military do if Trump refuses to admit defeat. After that, Carlson aired a clip of Lawrence Wilkinson — the former chief of staff to ex-Secretary of State Colin Powell — who spoke to Bill Maher and wondered how much violence would happen if Trump incited an uprising after the election.

Per Wilkerson:

If Trump calls his base to the streets with their guns, owns something like 60 to 70 percent of the 300-400 million guns in America. If they answer that call and come to the streets with guns, then we probably are going to have a need for the military. And then, all bets are off as to how much blood might flow.

In this scenario, Wilkinson was clearly outlining a scenario of post-election tensions escalating to violence, but Carlson decided to skip that nuance and accuse Wilkinson of “fantasizing” Trump voters getting killed off in the city streets. After further blasting Wilkinson’s “violent extremism,” Carlson turned back to his point that “shutting down legitimate discourse and inquiry” will destroy public trust in the government.

So, let’s stop this right now. Slow down. No hasty calls. Our system works. It has worked before. If people air concerns, resolve the concerns. Don’t call them names. Don’t sweep those concerns under the rug. Don’t shut it down artificially with unelected news anchors. Let our system work. Only by doing that what we have a country we are going to want to live in 20 years from now.

Carlson moved on by interviewing Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO), which he prefaced by saying “I can’t confirm” if reports of voting irregularities and potential fraud are actually true. Hawley couldn’t confirm either since he demanded more transparency but also told the Fox host “I don’t know if these allegations are well-founded or not.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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