Tucker Carlson, Jorge Ramos Spar Over Immigration: ‘Accusing People You Disagree With of Bigotry!’


Tucker Carlson faced off against Univision anchor Jorge Ramos to discuss immigration after President Trump‘s televised bipartisan meeting that was held at the White House.

Ramos began by applauding Carlson of being critical of the president during his opening monologue. But things turned sour rather quickly when Ramos insisted that the 11 million immigrants are here illegally “because of us.”

“It’s not because of me,” Carlson pushed back. “It’s because a small number of employers wanted to pay less for labor and the Democratic Party wanted new voters. I didn’t do that!”

Ramos doubled down on his argument, claiming that both he and Carlson are guilty of “supply and demand” and that they’re both “responsible for them.”

“Because we have taken the time to build a functioning country. A clean, safe country with a working justice system and a thriving economy, then we are somehow morally required to let anybody who wants to come here come and we can’t complain about it? How does that work exactly?” Carlson responded.

The Univision anchor then pointed to the “over $2 billion” that immigrants contribute to the U.S. economy, which the Fox News host called an “absurd” and “fake number.” And while Carlson conceded to Ramos’ point about “supply and demand,” he pressed him on why American citizens “have to live in a country” at allows people who came here illegally the right to vote and have them “run the government.”

“I don’t want to be governed by people who snuck into the country,” Carlson said.

On the subject of chain migration, Ramos called it “wise policy” but accused Trump of “using code words” of trying to suppress immigrants from Asia and Latin America from coming into the U.S., which didn’t sit well with Carlson.

“What you’re doing- rather than engaging in an adult argument, using reason, you’re accusing people you disagree with of bigotry,” Carlson shot back. “Which is a little much, actually, considering you are demanding that Americans who were born here let in people who snuck in illegally and all their family and if they say anything about it- they’re racist. I get the game actually and I’m sick of it!”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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