Tucker Carlson Lectures African-American Guest About Race: ‘Don’t Give Me The Victim Card!’

Things got very heated between Tucker Carlson and Democratic strategist Scott Bolden on the ongoing NFL anthem protest.

Carlson insisted while the players don’t have to stand for the national anthem, they “should.”

“I’m not arguing that the government should intervene, I’m arguing that decent people should behave in a certain way,” Carlson said, “and if you care about this country, you should express it by the way you behave in public- especially if you’re famous.”

When Bolden asked Carlson if he thought that doing “jumping jacks” would be offensive during the national anthem, Carlson said it would because it was “intended that way.”

“They’re waging an attack on the idea of America that is illegitimate and fundamentally corrupt and my point it is, while it is legal and it should be protected under the First Amendment,” Carlson continued, “and I hope you’re defending Milo [Yiannopoulos] and the rest.”

Carlson agreed with Bolden when he said that the United States an “imperfect country” but rejected his claim that “white America isn’t doing their part” to work with people of color to “make this country better.”

“I didn’t expect to go down this road with you,” Carlson reacted, ” because I didn’t know you were going to uncork racist sentiments like that on my show.”

“Race matters, it always matters,” Bolden shot back.

Bolden said people of color “live with racism and racial oppression everyday” and that “white America does not.”

“I’ve been brutalized by the police,” Bolden said. “I’ve been offended by the police.”

“You’re wearing thousand dollar cufflinks!” Carlson exclaimed. “Don’t give me the victim card.”

Bolden insisted that Carlson “can’t relate” to him because the Fox News host was never discriminated against by the police.

CARLSON: So because I am white, you’re saying I have no voice in this conversation.”

BOLDEN: You do.

CARLSON: You are fundamentally unreasonable and the position you are taking is an inherently racist one because you are dismissing the position of someone on the basis of his skin color.

BOLDEN: No, I’m dismissing you because of your experience or lack thereof.

CARLSON: You know nothing of my experience.

BOLDEN: Have the police ever brutalized you? Wrongfully stopped you? Spread you on the ground?

CARLSON: Spare me, Mr. Million Dollar Lawyer, this talk!

Carlson believes that police brutality “needs to be addressed,” but thinks a “rich guy” like Bolden who like himself has benefited from this country is “disgusting” to call the country “rotten.”

“We live in two Americas,” Bolden responded. “One black and one white.”

“You live in my neighborhood I bet!” Carlson shouted. “Your cufflinks cost more than my first car! I’m not going to listen to this garbage.”

Carlson then pressed Bolden on what neighborhood he lives in and predicted that he sends his kids to private school.

“‘We live in two Americas’… Don’t give me this crap!” Carlson added.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.


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