Tucker Carlson Repeatedly Insults Immigration Lawyer: ‘I Don’t Think You Should Become a Citizen’


Fox News’ Tucker Carlson was feisty tonight during a debate with immigration lawyer Cesar Vargas, as they discussed DACA and Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf’s recent decision to warn citizens of a forthcoming ICE raid.

Vargas attempted to defend the mayor’s move, despite Carlson’s insistence that states and cities are not allowed to go against the federal government. As Vargas argued that there was, in fact, some legal precedent for Schaaf’s warning, Carlson became agitated, repeatedly insulting his guest’s intelligence.

“I know you say you’re a lawyer,” Carlson interrupted, calling Schaaf’s move tantamount to “insurrection.”

“The Constitution has been interpreted by the Supreme Court for more than 200 years to say that states cannot act against federal law,” he said. “That is one of the oldest precepts in federal law. If you say you’re a lawyer, I’m sure you know that.”

Was Carlson done insulting Vargas? Heck no! He repeatedly refused to let Vargas finish his point, becoming more frustrated with the notion that states could have their own interpretations of federal law.

“I don’t want to check your bar license,” he mocked Vargas. “Please don’t make up facts on this show.”

Carlson continued to pile on the beleaguered guest.

“You’re getting your bumper stickers confused,” he said. “I’m not allowing you to teach American history on my show because you’d fail the course.”

Finally, he delivered the ultimate insult, suggesting that Vargas, who has yet to become a United States citizen, should perhaps rethink that goal.

“I’m an American and you’re not,” he said. “I don’t think you should become a citizen. No offense or anything. I’d be happy to have dinner with you.”

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