Twitter Absolutely Stunned By Ken Starr Bemoaning ‘The Age of Impeachment’: ‘BEYOND RICH’ From Man Who Led Clinton Probe


Donald Trump’s impeachment trial resumed Monday afternoon with an address from the president’s attorney, Ken Starr, though it might have been completely blown off by people that remember who Starr is and how he became famous.

As part of his address, Starr bemoaned “the age of impeachment” while making ample reference to all the political strife America experienced during the attempted impeachment of former president Bill Clinton.

“Like war, impeachment is Hell. Or, at least, presidential impeachment is Hell. Those of us who lived through the Clinton impeachment, including members of this body, full well understand that a presidential impeachment is tantamount to domestic war albeit, thankfully, protected by our beloved First Amendment, a war of words and a war of ideas. But it’s filled with acrimony and it divides the country like nothing else. Those of us who lived through the Clinton impeachment understand that in a deep and personal way.”

It’s interesting that Starr would speak of impeachment in such a way, especially when his professional legacy as a lawyer is unmistakably connected to the last time Congress had to decide whether to remove the president from office.

Starr spent years investigating the Clinton administration as independent counsel back in the 90s, and when he filed the Starr Report that revealed Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky, the ensuing scandal inevitably led to the former president’s impeachment. Now that Starr is arguing against impeachment on behalf of Trump, there were a lot of political followers who accused Starr of hypocrisy and commented on how the tables have turned since 1998.

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