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Watch Ben Ferguson Get Bent Out of Shape After Bill Press Hints He’s a Racist

Things got a bit heated and tense at the end of an HLN debate on President Donald Trump‘s reported “shithole” comments when one panelist insinuated that another is racist. As you would imagine, the accused was none too happy. And he let it be known.

During the discussion, conservative commentator Ben Ferguson confronted liberal pundit Bill Press on something he claimed Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) said in the past about Mexico. In an attempt to paint Durbin as a hypocrite since the Illinois Democrat has pilloried Trump over his remarks, Ferguson pushed Press to defend Durbin supposedly calling Mexico a “hellhole” in 2013.

“Ben, I have not seen that and I am not going to comment on that,” Press responded, causing Ferguson to tell him to “Google it.”

“Believe it or not. I am not going to take it from you as the actual fact,” Press noted. (And with good reason, as it appears Ferguson is confusing comments made by Lindsey Graham and attributing them to Durbin. How did we find this out? We Googled it.)

After Press added that the real issue is that we have a president that calls countries “s-holes” or “s-houses,” Ferguson called it a “brilliant dodge,” leading to this exchange:

Press: You are defending this out right racist president.

Ferguson: I am calling out hypocrisy by you on a double standard.

Press: Anybody that defends him is still as big of a racist as Donald Trump is.

Ferguson: So now I am racist because I asked you a question about Dick Durbin.

Press: If the shoe fits. If the shoe fits.

And with that, Ferguson went off, exclaiming that if Press was going to call him a racist, he should be allowed to defend himself. He once again told everyone to Google the clip of Durbin calling Mexico a hellhole (here’s the clip of Graham saying it) to claim that Democrats immediately resort to shouting racism when “someone points out hypocrisy.”

“It is sick that the Democratic Party has gotten to the point where they don’t like someone, they’ll scream you are a racist,” Ferguson declared.

Host Carol Costello let Ferguson know that she didn’t think that he was a racist but asked him if it does matter if the president would welcome people of color into the country. The conservative radio host agreed that no president should talk about another country like that.

Watch the clip above, via HLN.

[image via screengrab]

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