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CNN Guest Calls Out Fellow Panelist in Heated Clash: You’ll ‘Go to Any Length’ to Defend Trump

Watch Ben Ferguson Get Bent Out of Shape After Bill Press Hints He’s a Racist

‘This Is Not a Nothingburger!’ CNN Panel Battles Over New Revelations on Trump Jr. Meeting

‘Are We Seriously Wagering?’: Brooke Baldwin Reacts to Guest Wanting to Bet on Trump’s Wiretap Claims

Watch Jim Gilmore Lose His Cool at Brooke Baldwin for Interrupting Him

Bill Press: ‘If Donald Trump Succeeds, America Fails’

Dem Rep: Hillary’s Deplorables Remark Was ‘The Worst Line I’ve Ever Heard in Politics’

‘This is Beneath You!’ Liberal Pundits Clash on CNN Over Bernie/DNC Fight

Josh Earnest ‘Reluctant’ to Say Whether Muhammad Cartoon Contest ‘Appropriate’

Bill Press: I ‘Hate’ MSNBC’s ‘Unnecessary’ Apology for Offending ‘Racist’ ‘Rightwing’

Sharpton Blasts O’Reilly for Claiming Jesus ‘Wouldn’t Be Down’ with Helping the Poor

Liberal Radio Host Bill Press: Administration ‘Excuses’ on Obamacare Website ‘Bullsh*t’

Liberal Radio Host on Million Vet March: These ‘Idiots’ ‘Should’ve Been Hanging Ted Cruz in Effigy’

Liberal Radio Host: ‘Big Mistake to Pay the Death Benefits’ to Military Families

Democrat Complains About Doing Own Laundry at Shutdown-Protected Congressional Gym

Harry Reid Responds to Backlash Over Remarks About Kids With Cancer

Bill Press Reacts To Bill O’Reilly’s 60 Minutes Interview: ‘What a Total Ass’

‘Shame on You’: Bill Press Trashes ‘A-Hole’ Lawrence O’Donnell for Anthony Weiner Interview

Dem Congresswoman: ‘Only Reason’ I’d Vote to Strike Syria Would Be ‘Loyalty’ to Obama

Why Is Alec Baldwin’s Anti-Gay Problem Being Tied To Paula Deen?

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