Lindsey Graham Accuses Trump of Flip Flopping on Immigration: ‘We Need a Reliable Partner in the White House’


Sen. Lindsey Graham just spoke to reporters and laid into President Donald Trump and the White House for failing to broach a bipartisan deal on immigration reform and DACA with a government shutdown looming.

The remarks, coming after Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen addressed senators and told them she “did not hear” the president refer to several nations as “shithole countries,” found Graham doubling down on his assertion that the president did indeed insult Haiti and El Salvador, among others.

“I know what I heard and I know what I said,” Graham told reporters.

The South Carolina lawmaker took umbrage not with Trump’s alleged comments but rather with his change of attitude, which put the kibosh on all of the goodwill he had accumulated after Tuesday’s immigration meeting, adding that Trump must have gotten “really bad advice” from his staff.

“I will say I don’t think the president was well served by his staff,” he said. “Somehow by 12:00 on Thursday, something happened, and I don’t think he was well served by his staff, but he’s responsible for the way he conducts himself and so am I.”

Graham even had words for Chief of Staff John Kelly, noting that he is a “fine man” but is “also a part of the staff,” and, thus, culpable for Trump’s position-shifting on immigration.

He said there is a “chance” to reconstruct their work on immigration reform but stated that it would require an even-keeled partner in the president.

“The public is demanding for us to get our act together,” he said. “What we need to do better is a reliable partner in the White House, somebody like the president who showed up on Tuesday. We cannot do this with people in charge at the White House who have an irrational view of how to fix immigration.”

The Senator also suggested that “we should all get kicked out” if the government shuts down.

Watch above, via CNN.

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