WATCH: Biden Blasts Trump’s ‘Mental Acuity,’ Mocks Him as ‘Stable Genius’ Who Thinks ‘Wind Power Causes Cancer’


Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden blasted President Donald Trump’s mental acuity during a Friday rally in Des Moines, IA — mocking him for thinking that wind power causes cancer.

The former vice president first attacked Trump for his failure to condemn white supremacy during their first debate, later faulting him for denying climate change.

“We don’t have a lot of time. Donald Trump, when they say climate change, he thinks ‘hoax,'” Biden said. “And the stable genius, as he calls himself continues to say, wind power causes cancer. The same guy who said, by the way, and you think I’m making this up, when he was advised about the increasing hurricanes coming across the Atlantic because of the warm water, he said, ‘Maybe we should drop a nuclear weapon on them.'”

“Holy mackerel,” Biden added, making the sign of the Cross. “This also is a guy, you may recall, the stable genius, said the problem with the Revolutionary War was we didn’t have enough airports. He talks about mental acuity? Whoa.”

He went on to note that protecting the climate creates jobs in both Iowa and across the country — praising the state for creating thousands of jobs because of their commitment to wind energy.

“Notwithstanding, that the stable genius says wind power causes cancer. Wind power helps save the planet, generates millions of dollars of economic growth, and provides good prevailing wage jobs,” he added.

Trump was apparently watching the roasting, as he tweeted about Biden’s — calling out Fox News for airing it:

Watch above, via Fox News.

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