comScore WATCH: Dinesh D’Souza Chokes After CNN’s Camerota Nails Him on Trump-Obama Double Standard

WATCH: Dinesh D’Souza Chokes After CNN’s Camerota Nails Him on Trump-Obama Double Standard

Conservative filmmaker turned Internet troll Dinesh D’Souza continued his victory lap on Tuesday after he was pardoned by President Donald Trump for a felony campaign finance violation — where he was confronted by CNN host Alisyn Camerota for some of his more controversial tweets.

Pointing out that D’Souza said that Trump pardoned him so he could be a voice for his principles, Camerota brought up his old tweets with “racist overtones,” including one in which he called Obama’s father “a philandering, inebriated African socialist.”

“I’m confused, what are the principles that you are hoping to be able to talk about now and spread?” Camerota asked.

“Obama’s father was a philandering, inebriated African socialist as a matter of fact,” D’Souza replied.

“Are you anti-philandering?” Camerota shot back.

After a pause, D’Souza protested, “look I’m not talking about this.”

Camerota again pressed the commentator if he was anti-philandering, but D’Souza refused to take the bait.

“I am trying to figure out what your principles are and they seem confusing,” Camerota said. “Because you are a supporter of the president and the idea that you would go after President Obama’s father for philandering and for being vulgar, that strikes some as hypocritical.”

“Why aren’t you speaking out about President Trump’s philandering?” she asked. “Why aren’t you speaking about out about his vulgarity?”

After a painful choke, D’Souza said his problem with Obama’s father was not his philandering, and that his remark was “not a sleazy attack on an individual.”

Camerota countered that D’Souza’s remark about Obama being from the “ghetto” was a “sleazy attack on an individual.”

D’Souza explained that Obama’s use of a selfie stick in the Oval Office was “degrading.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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